What are PVC Exterior Blinds & How It Works?

What are PVC Exterior Blinds & How It Works?

What are PVC Exterior Blinds & How It Works?

PVC blinds are a great alternative and an upgrade from the classic bamboo blinds. The PVC blinds resoles the disadvantages that the old school bamboo blinds have. For exterior use, the advantages of these blinds over bamboo are that it’s waterproof, termite resistance, fire resistance and is anti-fungal. Thus, these blinds have come to replace the bamboo blinds in the market.

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How does the blinds operate?

The operating system can we fabricated in 2 styles. 1. Lock-Pulley 2. Chain Mechanism.

The Lock Pully system works through simple cord lift system that’s leveraged by a pulley on top of the blinds. This cord is used to raise and lower the blinds. When you pull the cord, it raises the blinds, and when you release it, the blinds lower. There is also a locking mechanism fabricated in the blinds. Once you've raised or lowered the blinds to your desired position, you can lock the cord in place using the cord lock. This helps in keeping the blinds at the desired height.

Chain mechanism is a new and upgraded operating system that’s also quite straight forward. It has a roller tube on the top of the blinds that is attached to a chain mechanism. The cord that rolls the blinds up or down is attached to the top roller tube. The rotation of the tube is controlled by pulling the chain up or down. When the tube turns, it winds up the cord thus operating the blinds up or down. You can adjust the blinds at any desired level by pulling the chain on the side of the blinds.

What are PVC blinds made of?

Polyvinyl chloride, is a form of plastic that is known for its versatility and is used in a wide range of applications. The PVC is extruded into slats and these slats are woven together using polyester thread to make the PVC blinds fabric. These slats can be made in any color or even colorless depending the dye and formulation.

The fabric is then cut into desire length and width to made these window blinds.

How to Install?

The installation process of PVC blinds is straight forward.

Step 1: Screw in the “L” clamps to the roof or the wall where you plan to install the blinds. Recommended 1.5 Inch or 2 Inch screw. Drill the wall first and use a screw dowel.

Step 2: Simply plug in the top channel of the blind to the “L” clamp.

Step 3: Use a screw to secure the blinds to the “L” clamp.

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These blinds will last for many years. About 5 to 7 years. When its time to replace the blinds, simply call Windowwagon and they will replace your old blinds and send them for recycling. PVC is a product that can be easily recycled to make construction materials, packing materials, foot wares etc.. Therefore the environment cost of these blinds are minimum.

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