Underutilised Balcony Space? Here is a quick fix!

Underutilised Balcony Space? Here is a quick fix!

With a simple solution, you can save and utilize those valuable areas of your home balcony! Due to the dust, sun, rain, pigeons, and lack of privacy, apartment balconies in India are typically underutilized. These problems that Indian homeowners face can be solved quickly, efficiently and a pocket friendly budget.

Installing a balcony blinds will shield your balcony from the harsh sun and heat! To top that, you can also avoid rain water, dust and birds! Balcony blinds are both weather resistant and retractable. Adding a blind to your balcony also increases privacy to your home. Living in crowded cities and apartment blocks overlooking each other, privacy in your balcony space is more of a necessity! They have recently gained popularity in the Indian market. These simple window blinds are mostly made to order and perfectly fit most balcony areas, addressing the issues that Indian homeowners face when attempting to maximize the utility of their balcony.

In the recent times, PVC balcony blinds have become popular in the market. These balcony blinds are a type of plastic that has a bamboo texture and appearance to it. This is a wonderful alternative and improvement over traditional bamboo blinds. The advantages of PVC blinds outweigh the disadvantages of traditional bamboo blinds. The advantages of these blinds over bamboo for exterior use are that they are waterproof, fire resistant, termite resistant, anti-fungal and can last up to 7 years. As a result, these blinds have come to supplant bamboo blinds in the market.

These retractable blinds can be rolled up and down using a simple and attractive chain control system. By simply pulling the chain, the blinds can be adjusted to any height. Because every balcony size and height is different, these PVC exterior blinds are made to measure and will fit almost any balcony space. https://windowwagon.com/, an online company and also a manufacturing firm based in Bangalore makes and supplies made to measure blinds and also offer a free site visit to inspect the balcony space and give you a quote.

These window blinds will last for approximately 5 to 7 years. When the time comes to replace the blinds, you can contact www.glamoray.com and they will replace your old blinds and recycle them. PVC is a product that can be easily recycled to make building materials, packing materials, footwear, and so on. As a result, the carbon foot prints of these blinds is minimal.

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